Sunday, June 14, 2015

ต้มยำกุ้งTom Yum Goong
Thai Spicy Shrimp Soup
By Songtham Pinyolaksana

Tom Yum Goong the recipeTom Yum Goong the recipe
Ingredients                                  4 servings
3 cups Chicken or vegetable broth.
2 stalks Lemon grass, break open.
10 Grape tomatoes, cut in half.
5 Shallots, crush to break open.
3-10 Thai Bird’s eye chili to taste.
6-8 Kaffir lime leave to taste.
4 Oz Oyster or sliced white mushroom
3-5 TSP Fish sauce to taste.
3-5 TSP Lime juice freshly squeeze.
2 TSP Preserved chili paste (NumPrikPao)
(0-1) tsp Sugar
4 stems Cilantro coarsely chop.
1. Put broth, lemon grass, tomato, shallot, bird’s eye chili in pot, bring to boil.
2. Add shrimp into the pot.
3. Add fish sauce, lime juice, preserved chili paste, sugar (if needed) into the pot.
4. Taste and adjust flavor to taste.
5. Add kaffir lime leave, mushroom, cover the pot, bring to boil.
TSP- table spoon, tsp- teaspoon.
1. Use fish sauce that made in Thailand. Squid brand and Mae Pra Norm brand fish sauce and preserved chili paste are recommended.
2. When cooking Thai food, the measurement of ingredients are vary from brand to brand.
3. Keep on cooking, and consult Thai friends for help on Thai cooking and ingredients, enjoy!
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pad See Ew Moo Mug 
ผัดซีอิ๊วหมูหมัก  Thai Noodle Stir Fried with Marinated Pork

Chinese migrated to Siam during the World War. They were not only landed in Thailand, but also brought their knowledge of making noodles with them. One of the very popular noodles, Kuay Teow- ก๋วยเตี๋ยว- flat rice noodle, was steamed in a bulky aluminium steamer making a thin layer of rice flour. Then vegetable oil will be rubbed on the thinly made film before another one stacking up. Layer after layer will make noodles. By the time using Kuay Teow, we have to cut and peel them into a long stripe one layer familiar looking noodle. In combination with Thai cooking techniques of browning garlic and seasonings, the Pad See Ew was born. Probably this is the best part of the wars that pushing Kuay Teow going across country to Thai deliciousness.

3oz. Chinese Broccoli (cut into 2")
5oz. Pork Loin (Thinly Slice)
6oz. Flat Rice Noodle (Cut into1 1/2",  peel)
½ TBSP Finely chopped Fresh Garlic 

2TBSP Oyster Sauce
1TBSP Sugar
1TSBP Black Soy Sauce
½TBSP Seasoning Sauce
1 Egg

Marinate Pork Ingredients
1/2tsp White Peppers 
1TBSP Corn Starch 
1TBSP Seasoning Sauce 
2TBSP Olive Oil 

How To Marinate The Pork:
Thinly slice the pork. Add in 
all marinate ingredients on 
the pork. Mixed them all 
together and let sit for 
5 minutes in fridge.

  1. Pour the olive oil into the pan, on high heat.
  2. Add 1 egg and scramble it.
  3. Add in the marinated pork, slightly stir.
  4. Add the chopped garlic and stir it up until turn yellow.
  5. Add Chinese broccoli.
  6. Add flat rice noodle.
  7. Add oyster sauce, sugar, black soy sauce, and seasoning sauce.
  8. Stir up all ingredients lightly, cook until well done.

Option: A must, add a few drop of vinegar pepper onto the noodle 
for a better flavor.

Good eating!