Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pad Kra Prow Gai Subb

ผัดกระเพราไก่ -Kra Prow ground chicken similar but is not thai basil chicken.

I 'm so excited getting some Kra Prow (holy basil) leaves in from Woodbridge, Virginia. One of our staffs grown this in her backyard. Now, we can get this Kra Prow from our neighbors. So happy. KraProw is not thai basil, these are two different things.

The one to the right is Kra Prow (holy basil) leaves. It is rare to find these leaves in Northern Virginia, Washington DC metropolitan area. I would trade saffron with KraProw. You will find Kra Prow Leave using in Pad KraProwGai- stir fired basil chicken, PoTak- seafood soup topped with kra prow( a cousin to Tom Yum soup), PadKeeMow- drunken noodle, just to name a few. The one to the left is Thai basil leaves. Thai basil has good flavor when stir fried with meat of any kind. But mostly it is used for garnish. It releases herby oil over fried garlic chili on the heat. KraProw, on the right, will give even more complex smell and flavors. It gives you basil flavor plus hay and a little spice. KraProw is so good and it is not thai basil, these are two different things.

Here is my take on Kra Prow Gai :

Make 2 servings
12 oz Ground chicken. (Gai Sub)
or Ground pork. (Moo Sub)
½ cup Kra prow leaves.
½ cup Yellow onion, sliced.
¼ cup Thai green pepper, sliced.
2 TSP Oil.
1 TSP Chopped garlic.
- TSP Ground bird's eye chili.
1 TSP Seasoning Sauce.
1 TSP Sweet black soy sauce.
2 TSP Oyster sauce
4 TSP Broth
2 Eggs Optional

1.Put oil into a pan on medium heat, wait for 30 s.
2.Put garlic and chili, cook until garlic turn yellow.
3.Put ground meat, cook , stir, cook all the way.
4.Put onions and green peppers, cook stir all the way.
5.Add seasonings, broth, stir until liquid thickening.
6.Add kra prow leaves, lightly stir, ready to serve.

Optional: separately, you can add sunshine egg to make a delicious KraProwGai KaiDow(sunshine egg}.

Enjoy cooking! (Sneezing..sneezing...sneezing)

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